Earwax Removal
in Meridian & Caldwell

Professional earwax removal in Caldwell or Meridian

When Hearing Loss Simply Requires Earwax Removal

When your body produces an overabundance of earwax (cerumen) that impedes your hearing or causes discomfort, then it is time for professional earwax removal from Everything Hearing. We provide earwax removal in both our Meridian and Caldwell offices.

Earwax does serve a purpose. Did you know that it protects your ear’s delicate parts from water and infection? Earwax accumulates in the ear canal and serves as a protective barrier to the skin from bacteria and moisture. But, sometimes it can build up and you may be required to have your earwax removed by a hearing professional. While earwax is normal, the amount we produce varies from person to person. It only becomes problematic if it completely or partially blocks the ear canal.

But when you accumulate too much of it, your ear can become plugged, become uncomfortable, and even get infected. When that happens, hearing loss and discomfort can occur, requiring you to get your earwax removed.

And if you wear hearing aids, too much earwax can provide you with more problems as it is the leading cause of hearing aid malfunction.

There are several safe ways to remove earwax, but by far the most desirable and most reliable is to see a hearing specialist at Everything Hearing who will most likely use a curette (a tool used to scoop or pull wax out of the ear), suction, or water to flush the ear. When it comes to earwax removal, your healthcare provider will make the decision that best fits your needs

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