Professional Ear Wax Removal: Safe and Effective!


Ear wax removal may not be your favorite dinner table conversation topic. Nevertheless, it IS an important topic! That’s because how ear wax is removed can significantly affect your comfort and overall hearing health.

Why Is Ear Wax Important?

Even though it may not be pleasant to look at or talk about, ear wax does play an important role in ear health. Officially known as cerumen, ear wax helps to protect intricate ear parts from becoming damaged by moisture, dirt, or debris. It also acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent to keep your ears healthy and disease-free.

When Is Ear Wax Removal Necessary?

Under normal circumstances, old ear wax with its trapped debris makes its way out of your ears all on its own. When it reaches the outside of the ear canal, it dries up and falls away. And, as old ear wax is moved out, new ear wax is created. This ear wax cycle helps to promote ultimate ear health.

For some people, this normal process gets interrupted simply because their ear wax is not present in the right quantity. Or, it doesn’t have the proper consistency. To envision what the ‘right quantity’ or ‘proper consistency’ looks like, it’s helpful to think of the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. You don’t want too little or too much ear wax. You also don’t want ear wax that’s too sticky or too dry. Rather, you want it to be just right.

If you have too little ear wax, it won’t be able to do its job effectively and your ears could be prone to infections. On the other hand, too much ear wax can lead to pain, discomfort, and even hearing loss due to an ear wax blockage. Similarly, ear wax consistency can impact its ability to move through the ear canal as intended. This can affect both ear health and hearing.

When too much ear wax is created, or the ear wax consistency leads to a blockage, ear wax removal is often necessary.

Can You Remove Ear Wax Yourself or Is Professional Ear Wax Removal Needed?

Unfortunately, many people are tempted to use Q-tips, cotton swabs, or other instruments to try to remove their own ear wax buildup. This often has the opposite effect than what was intended. That’s because tools such as these push the ear wax further into the ear canal and create additional impaction. Rather than risking a perforated eardrum or other damage, we recommend professional ear wax removal.

Professional Ear Wax Removal In Caldwell or Meridian

When you schedule professional ear wax removal with your local audiologist or other hearing healthcare professional, it’s the safest and most effective way to remove a wax buildup. That’s because he or she has the right tools, experience, and knowledge to remove the wax without causing damage to delicate ear parts.

Professional ear wax removal is often done manually with forceps, suction, or a curette to safely extract the ear wax buildup. Alternatively, your provider may use the irrigation method to flush the ear wax out with a water-filled syringe. In either case, the entire process can be done relatively quickly and typically without much pain or discomfort.

At Everything Hearing, we offer professional ear wax removal at both our Caldwell and Meridian locations. If you’re experiencing pain, pressure, or discomfort from an ear wax buildup, don’t try to remove it on your own. Instead, schedule an appointment with us today and get back to feeling and hearing better in a safe and effective way!

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