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What do hearing aids cost

What Do Hearing Aids Cost?

After researching the cost of hearing aids and seeing the price tag, it can be a little disheartening, discouraging, or even downright frustrating. For many people, hearing aids are one of the largest single-purchase items that they will make in their lifetime.

Hearing aids are an important investment into not just a patient’s hearing, but also into their overall health. These devices are worn all day, every day, seven days a week. When purchasing hearing aids, it’s essential to be sure the money and time spent are well worth it.

To give an actual hearing aid price is tricky without evaluating a patient. To choose the right device for you, it’s necessary to learn more about your hearing loss situation, lifestyle, and individual needs. We would be happy to speak with you about hearing aid cost and help you find hearing aids that fit your lifestyle and budget!

Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

It takes time, money, research, testing, and training hearing aid specialists to properly test, fit, adjust and fix each individual manufacturer’s specific hearing aid requirements. This is in addition to understanding each and every patient’s activity levels, their hearing needs, their expectations for the hearing aids themselves, and implementing the appropriate hearing technology for the greatest benefit to the patient.

While the total hearing aid cost is high, the ongoing usage price is reasonable. Monthly, it is about what you would pay to get satellite or cable television. Daily, it’s less than the cost of a mocha at your favorite coffee shop. When you consider the communication, relationship, and health benefits you get from wearing hearing aids, most people agree that the cost of hearing aids is well worth it.

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Find hearing aids that fit your budget

We Help You Find Hearing Aids to Fit Your Budget

At Everything Hearing, we understand the sacrifice and self-investment our patients make to better their hearing healthcare, quality of life, careers, and relationships. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality hearing aids for well below industry price standards and well below anyone else in the Treasure Valley.

Our number one goal at Everything Hearing is to serve our community first and foremost, not to make a quick buck. We aim to meet all budgets, and all financial situations. We work hard every day to provide the best overall hearing healthcare experience available for you.

Along with the purchase of our hearing aids, you will receive a comprehensive service package that includes programming adjustments, office visits, a 3-year warranty (regardless of what level of hearing aids you have purchased), batteries, any hearing aid style, our friendly customer service, and an understanding that no matter what, we will take care of our patients!

Are Hearing Aids Worth the Price You Pay?

It can be devastating mentally, physically, and emotionally to miss out on important conversations or to only half-experience important life milestones. When you invest in your hearing, you invest in the quality of your life.

Never miss those moments again, and get back to living life the way it should be: with full audio. At Everything Hearing, we believe hearing should be effortless, and we want you to experience that difference!

Hearing aids are worth the price
Does health insurance cover hearing aid cost

Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Hearing Aids?

For over 30 years, people have asked: “Why don’t health insurance companies cover hearing aids?” A few years back they started covering hearing aids. Unfortunately, these hearing aids were basic amplifiers, had very low quality, and created more problems instead of actually helping.

However, today there are more and more insurance companies covering brand-name hearing aids. The issue is not all insurances are the same. Some are simply a discount program and after paying the insurance company their part and paying for the service to the provider to take care of them, you have paid full price for hearing aids. Then, there are some programs that will pay for top brand-name hearing aids with a 0-20% deductible. And, then there are some that pay $2000 per ear for a total of $4000 for brand-name hearing aids.

What we found is that agents just see that there is hearing aid coverage. They do not know about hearing aids and how they work or the costs. Based on the plan, we have been able to get people the proper coverage in order to cover the cost of their hearing aids and this is why we are successful in getting 80% of our clients no out-of-pocket help and no increase in premium. Contact us today to see if you qualify and take a look at the Insurances we work with.

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