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Tinnitus treatment in Caldwell and Meridian

Re-Stimulate the Nerve From Ear-to-Brain

Patients who opt for medical treatment to address their tinnitus often experience newfound confidence and independence, no longer troubled by bothersome ringing, swooshing, or buzzing sensations in their ears. Our advanced treatment process has proven highly successful, as it aims to restore sound activity within the auditory system. Through this process, we work to retrain the auditory system, enabling it to accurately identify sounds and effectively diminish the erroneous surge in neural activity associated with tinnitus. As a result, our patients find relief and a better quality of life.

When done properly, patients living with tinnitus have an 80%+ chance of living with reduced, and often eliminated, tinnitus perception.

Medical Treatment for Tinnitus

Direct – The most effective and direct treatment of tinnitus is to provide proper stimulation to your auditory system, including your ear-to-brain nerve. Using modern treatment technology, our team will begin your prescription at around 80% of the sound stimuli your nerve requires.

Over the next three to four visits, roughly 30-45 days, we will gradually increase the amount of sound support to your auditory system until we’ve reached your full prescription and your short-term tinnitus has been lessened.

Throughout your ongoing tinnitus treatment, we will continue to fine-tune your prescription and make frequency modifications that allow you to put the frustration, irritation, and distraction of tinnitus behind you permanently.

Indirect – An indirect and less effective approach to tinnitus is “distracting” your mind away from the constant ringing, whooshing, or buzzing by introducing an additional sound.

This is considered “indirect stimulation” of the auditory system. The most common noises used are white noise or music.

Other indirect approaches include sleeping with the television on, keeping a fan on, and other forms of noise generators, such as non-FDA-approved tinnitus maskers. These techniques are used to distract your brain by asking it to focus on different sounds. One of the main issues with this approach is that patients often feel they are trading one bothersome sound for another.

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